frequently asked questions ABOUT PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP

What is Premium Membership?

Premium Membership is a subscription service through Carden Combat Sports. Member benefits include discounted tickets, live streaming all CCS events, and many other perks that are regularly being added.

Why is my Live Stream freezing or buffering?

This could be due to many different issues. Some of the most common are slow internet speeds, bad cell phone signals, browser incompatibility, browser updates that haven't been installed. Please do a Speedtest and make sure your internet speeds are sufficient to watch live events. We recommend you have at least a 5MB/sec connection speed to watch SD video, and 25MB/sec connection to watch HD video.

Why does my Live Stream say Event has Ended?

Sometimes there are intermission or bad connection issues. Please refresh your page and press Play again.

Can I cancel my Premium membership for a refund?

We do not offer refunds for Premium membership. If you'd like to cancel your Membership you may do so from the Members/My Account page. Please read our Terms of Service again if you have questions about Refunds.

How much is Premium Membership?

Premium Membership is $4.99 per month with a setup fee of $10. If you keep your membership active, you will only be charged $4.99 every month.

What if I cancel my Premium Membership and start it up again for the next Live Event?

If you cancel your Membership after a Live Event and restart again (after the 30 days you've paid for) later to watch a new event, you will be charged the $10 setup fee again in addition to the $4.99 per month recurring charge.

How many Live Streams can I watch at the same time?

Due to account and password sharing, your account is limited to 2 Live Streams per event. 2 Devices for each account will be able to watch the Live Event at the same time.

How do I access Premium Features?

You can access all your Premium features from the Dashboard. Click Members/Dashboard or click Dashboard in the upper left corner of the menu. You may be prompted to Login. Use your Username/Email and Password that you registered with.