COLBY courter

"this has nothing to do with money and has everything to do with my legacy as a fighter."


colby courter

Biggest Amateur Accomplishments:

  • 45 Amateur boxing bouts

professional career:

  • pro boxing record: 14-15 (10)
  • courter fought several current and/or former world champions over his 8 year professional boxing career including jamal james, rob brant and james kirkland, just to name a few.

what can fans expect on may 21st?

i fought every name fighter in the KC area, even though i had about 20-30 less fights than all of them. from dillon cook, alemeo carter and tony losey.  i feel like bare knuckle is a chance to for me to restart my career and actually make a name for me and my city. i took a lot of boxing fights that i never should have, mostly to travel the country, and the money. this has nothing to do with money and everything to do with my legacy as a fighter.  fans can expect an all out war on may 21st. my opponent is no joke and i wouldn’t want anything less.  the house will be packed with my city and you wouldn’t even know i lived and hour and a half away.” – colby courter